About Us

ASHIMA means one which does not have any boundaries. Ashima Theatre Group is seeded in our limitless passion for storytelling, it has been formed out of love for performing arts, a love that does not have any boundaries. We strongly feel that stories can create profound awareness, spread happiness and sow deep harmony in the society. It is our sole aim, to bring smiles on people's faces with the help of performing arts and storytelling.

An inclusive cradle without boundaries that nurtures all forms of performing arts.

To inspire and engage the audience through high quality original as well as legendary productions across stage, screen and streets.

  • Respect of and belief in the inherent potential of every individual and idea
  • No compromise on quality whatsoever
  • To welcome diversity in profession, region, language and thought
  • To move beyond conventional frameworks and mechanisms

For more details and to join us mail us at: ashimatheatre@gmail.com