A Frustrated Software Engineer-2 | An Appraisal Discussion

Title: A Frustrated Software Engineer-2 | An Appraisal Discussion

Duration: 13 min.
Uploaded: August 14, 2015

We all know that the Corporate world is no less than Mahabharata during appraisals.  And its employees, no less than warriors bleeding with pain. What happens when Arjuna, the IT engineer, expresses dissatisfaction with his rating? Guess which character from the epic does the manager play to handle the situation?

Director: Mayank Singh
Writer:   Mayank Singh and Silky Agarwal.
Editing:  Silky Agarwal.
Cast:     Mayank Singh, Harish Rijh Singhania, 
             Setu Upadhyay, Sarang Seksaria,
             Yogesh Chaturvedi


  1. it is good but first one id much better then this.

  2. Good work :D
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