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Title:  Exam Fever - Ek Chhatra Ki Prarthna Duration:  11 min Uploaded:  February 18,  2015 Guys, remember the time when we used to develop cold feet at the mere mention of exams? This act is dedicated to all the people born during the period of 80's and early 90's who had to struggle hard to earn those few extra marks by "rattofying" as much as possible until later when the marks system was replaced by grading system. Grading system gave a blow to the competitive edge of marks system, which lost its sharpness over the period of time, but when you look back you are sure to break into a smile just by recalling the hard exam times you have been through. Hope you e njoy the video! Poem:  Ek Chhatra Ki Prarthna by Shri Om Prakash Aditya Performer:  Mayank Singh Editor:  Silky Agarwal